101 Goals in 1001 Days by Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

Some of you may remember my 2014 tick list from last year.  It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I learned quickly that life happens, plans change and sometimes it’s just not the best time to be accomplishing certain goals. You get all of your ducks in a row, take four weeks off for traveling and then your husband loses his job and you can’t go. Or you plan a half dozen weekend climbing trips, only to find out that you’ve now acquired one of the rarest allergies known to mankind and your husband breaks a titanium rod in his back. Yea, 2014 rocked.

Anyways, my point is that it was a lot to get done in one single year, with the roller coaster of life tossing us around like rag dolls. But don’t worry, the list maker in me cannot be defeated that easily.

This year, instead of an annual list, I’m doing a 101 goals in 1001 days. That gives me roughly 2.74 years to organize my life in a way to make it all happen.

Wish me luck!

  1. Complete this list by October 29th, 2017

  2. Volunteer for an organization that helps animals

  3. Foster a dog

  4. Put together a Colorado Calendar

  5. Lead a 5.10 climb outside

  6. Hike over 10 Miles in one trip

  7. Hike 5 new Fourteeners

  8. Go on an overnight backpacking trip and not get eaten by bears

  9. Climb a 12b on top rope without falling

  10. Climb a four pitch route

  11. Visit two new countries (Costa Rica – Nov 2015)

  12. Visit 4 new states (Indiana – July 2015) (Wisconsin – June 2016) (South Dakota – July 2016) (Idaho – Sept 2016 ) (Oregon – Sept 2016) (Montana – Sept 2016)

  13. Visit 5 new National Parks (Badlands National park – July 2016) (Glacier National Park – Oct 2016)

  14. Visit two big cities that I haven’t been to (Salt Lake City) (Madison, WI – June 2016)

  15. Find a moose in the wild and photograph it

  16. Visit 5 new climbing areas (The Monastery – July 2015) (Maple Canyon – Oct 2015) (Thunder Ridge – May 2016) (Spearfish Canyon, July 2016) (City of Rocks, Sept 2016) (Smith Rock, Sept 2016)

  17. Go flat water kayaking

  18. Get a rock climbing photo published in a rock climbing magazine

  19. Buy a 135 f/2.0 Lens

  20. Photograph a same sex wedding

  21. Use OCF at a wedding reception

  22. Attend WPPI

  23. Join PPA – Completed 04/17/15

  24. Photograph an out of state destination wedding (done, blog post to come!)

  25. Have a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

  26. Start making a monthly retirement contribution

  27. Take the Georgetown Loop Train

  28. Design Pet Photography Sub domain on raynamcginnisphotography.com

  29. Outsource editing – Completed 05/01/15

  30. Read 12 business books (6 done)

  31. Take Pet Portraits of each of my pets

  32. Have Pet Portraits Printed and Hang on the wall

  33. Print Wedding Photos and Hang on the Wall

  34. Paint main bathroom

  35. Organize photography shelves in the basement

  36. Get Professional Head shots that really show who I am (done, blog post to come!)

  37. Get published in a Print Wedding Magazine

  38. Complete at least three styled shoots each year (2015 done!)

  39. Have an advertisement video made for Rayna McGinnis Photography (click here to see it)

  40. Exercise at least 200 days per year. (2015 Recap)

  41. Help at least 10 photographers update their pricing (3 completed)

  42. Go on a road trip with some girl friends

  43. Take a Spanish class or course

  44. Hold a sloth

  45. Blog 2x a week for two months

  46. Drink an adult beverage on the beach

  47. Get a Wilderness First Responder Certification

  48. Learn how to use back button focus (Completed, June 2016)

  49. Model for a yoga Boudoir Session

  50. Complete 10 pulls up

  51. Complete 25 Push ups

  52. Run a 5k

  53. Pay off half of my student debt (about 25k)

  54. Host a wine tasting party

  55. Finish climbing Cat in the Hat

  56. Go for a sunrise hike

  57. Hire an associate photographer

  58. Reach 2000 Facebook Likes

  59. Reach 500 twitter followers

  60. Reach 600 Instagram followers (Completed 07/30/15)

  61. Speak at a photography workshop as an expert

  62. Take a pole dancing lesson

  63. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee or meal as a Random Act of Kindness

  64. Get coffee or wine with at least 10 new vendors each year (2015 done!)

  65. Start saving for the down payment on our next house (Started July 2015)

  66. Ride my bike to meet a client or vendor

  67. Write a guest blog

  68. Have family photos taken (Click here)

  69. Complete five Pinterest craft projects (Click here)

  70. Hire a designer to create a logo and brand design for Rayna McGinnis Photography

  71. Take a Photography workshop with a big named photographer

  72. Go on a multi-day bike riding trip

  73. Find out what triggered my cold urticaria (done, blog post to come)

  74. Become an LLC (done, Oct 2016)

  75. Take another vacation with my family (parents, brothers, etc).

  76. Successfully grow acorn squash in my garden

  77. Write a blog post on how to choose a wedding Photographer

  78. Photograph a dog wedding styled shoot

  79. Learn how to use the video settings on my camera

  80. Get a couple’s massage with Christian

  81. Teach an exercise class

  82. Live out of the SUV/Tent for 14 days straight (done – blog post to come!)

  83. Go on a hike with just me and Savannah

  84. Start using a Studio Management System

  85. Send out Quarterly emails on my mailing list (Started March 2015)

  86. Take a yoga class 2x a week for 2 months.

  87. Buy and start using blog stomp (Completed June 2015)

  88. Buy a traveling bag for photography gear

  89. Buy 105 mm 2.8 (Completed June 2015)

  90. Do something that really scares me.

  91. Order high quality business cards

  92. Do a headstand

  93. Hold a Charity shoot with at least 50% going to Charity

  94. Read 15 Personal Books (5 down)

  95. Send someone a sincere compliment every day for an entire month.

  96. Hike part of the Colorado Trail

  97. Complete a 30 Days of Thankfulness

  98. Do a styled shoot with one new planner each year (2015 done)

  99. Get published on the Ruffled wedding blog

  100. Have my website be a top 10 result on Google for “Colorado Wedding Photographers”

  101. Make another 101 goals in 1001 days when this one is complete

I’ll update this blog post as I complete goals, linking to the appropriate goal so that you can follow my progress. I challenge you all to make your own 101 goals in 1001 days as well. Feel free to share the link below if you do!

Goals Completed: 41.28/101

Percent Completed: 41.25%

Also, 2014 wasn’t all that bad. Here are some of my favorite memories from 2014!

101 goals in 1001 days by Rayna McGinnis Wedding Photography

1001 goals in 1001 days beginning in 2015

Our wedding photo was by MichaelWill Photography out of Pittsburgh, PA.