101 Goals #17 | Go Flat Water Kayaking

Back in January, Christian and I went to Naples, Florida to visit his dad. While we were there, we decided to head back down to the Everglades to do some exploring. We’re both huge fans of national parks and checked out the southern and eastern sides of the park last time we were in Florida. This time we headed towards Everglade City and ended up in Big Cypress National Preserve.

Christian’s dad and step mom suggested a flat water kayaking tour and after doing some reading we decided to check it out. Normally, we’re not big on tours, but with my allergy to the cold (cold water included) and the fact that I’d never been in a kayak before, we thought it might be a good idea.

As usual, when we were down in Florida, they were having unusual weather. And by unusual, I mean it was 52 and cloudy on the day that we went flat water kayaking. Unfortunately, this means the alligators were content staying underneath the water and we only got to see a few babies. Kayaking through the mangroves was still really cool though and now that I know I can kayak without falling over, I’m looking forward to trying it out in other places.

Goal #17 – Go Flat Water Kayaking… Check!

Flat Water Kayaking in Big Cypress National Preserve
Kayaking through the mangrove tunnels.
Flat Water Kayaking - Denver Wedding Photographer
Out of the mangroves, you can see how sunny the sunshine state really was.