101 Goals #40 – 201 Days of Activity – 2015

By now you know that I’m a numbers junky. I have more spreadsheets on my desktop than any reasonable person would need in their lifetime and I use them all. One of those is my monthly activity tracker. Yes, that’s right. I track my work outs, every single day and then I add them all up to see how one year compares to the next. Yes, I know, I have issues. But… knowledge is power, right?

When I set my 101 Goals in 1001 Days, I actually thought that requiring 200 days of activity would be too easy for me. But then I was like yeah, life happens and what if I get the flu for two weeks, etc. So I gave myself what I considered to be an ambitious but obtainable goal.

I’m going to be honest, I barely made it. As in, come December I had to work out 19 days in order to make my goal and I was going to be traveling for 13 of those days. Then there was the holiday parties, packing and unpacking for those trips, and then we’re not even talking about days that I had shoots or was just plain exhausted.

But… I made it! 201 days of activity. I forced myself to wake up at 6:30 when on vacation to get in a quick work out at the gym, I forced my husband to go to the climbing gym when he was exhausted and wanted to sleep in. I forced myself to suck it up and do dead lifts when my head was spinning and I felt feverish. But I did it. Yay for goal #40.

Here’s the breakdown and my thoughts in italics.

201 Days of Activity - Moab, utah hiking
Spring Trip to Moab, Utah. Lots of hiking and quality time together!

Total Days of Activity: 201

Total Days of Climbing: 98

  • Outdoors – 19
  • Sport Climbing (lead or TR) – 49
  • Trad Climbing – 2
  • Bouldering – 9

Trips included: New River Gorge WV, Ten Sleep WY, Lander WY, Maple Canyon UT

It’s kind of exciting that I climbed so much last year, roughly twice every week, but very sad that I got outside less than twice a month. I partially blame this on Christian needing surgery again. Since he’s my main partner, when he’s out of commission, we don’t go on climbing trips and so I spent a lot of time in the gym instead. But outdoor climbing is one of the things I love to do most so I’m focusing on doubling that number in 2016, if not tripling. I should probably also climb more trad. Indian Creek, anyone? 

Total Days of Cardio: 92

  • Cardio Machine – 34
  • Running – 32
  • Hiking – 35
  • Walking 3+ miles – 1

Hiking Trips Included: Moab UT, Salt Lake City UT, Costa Rica

In the Spring of 2015 I started running on weekends since we weren’t climbing. I really enjoyed it and probably would have continued had Christian not been cleared to climb. But he was, and he can’t run, so we started climbing again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t just do whatever Christian does, I still run occasionally, but climbing was a priority long before I learned that I could in fact run. I am quite happy that with all of the climbing, we still got out to hike almost three times a month. Hiking = Quality time with Savannah dog. Another favorite of mine. 

Total Days of Yoga: 62

I’ve dabbled in yoga since 2008, however it wasn’t until last winter that I started to do it regularly. The numbers here reflect actual yoga work outs, and not my daily 5-10 minutes of yoga that I do right after I meditate every morning. Yoga brought me back to climbing in 2008, after recovering from an injury, and now it grounds me. I love the movement and the strength, how it carries over to climbing and also how it clears my mind. When I finish a yoga work out I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Total Days of Strength Training: 44

  • Fitness Challenges: 24
  • Circuit Training:4
  • Lifting:16

2015 started off with me finishing up T-Focus from Beach Body, then it headed into fitness challenges of push ups, squats and headstands. Once I hit my goals for those it was late spring and I began climbing, running and hiking all summer. As things calmed down this past fall, I started lifting. I hadn’t realized how much I missed tossing around weights until then. I use to do Crossfit, then heavy lifting and when we lived in Pueblo I was training to compete in Olympic lifting. Since then I’ve done a few work outs but nothing regularly. It’s great to be back to squatting and dead lifting, especially now that my metabolism seems to be working and I’m all skinny and stuff. 

Total Days of Traveling: 47

47 days isn’t bad. It isn’t great either. If I were to go away half of the weekends of the year, I would have traveled more than that. What can I say? Life happened but I plan to blow this number out of the water in 2016. 

Trips Included: Utah, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Costa Rica

Total Days of Shooting: 38

I’m happy with this. This means I shot less than one day a week over the year. Now, this doesn’t account for all the work I did do, and trust me, there was a ton. But I spent 38 days last year out on the job. I’m thinking this number will go up as I head into 2016, but not too much. 

Overall, I’m actually pretty disappointed with 2015. I mean, I kicked butt and got 201 Days of Activity. But the things that are most important to me are climbing and travel, and those are the areas my numbers were lacking. I’m not discouraged though. We’re already planning a ton of trips, climbing and not, for 2016 and I’m ready to start knocking off goals.

Roadtrip to Wyoming - 201 days of activity
Trip to Wyoming with Savannah dog