101 Goals Recap for 2015 by Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

I started my 101 Goals in 1001 days in February of last year. Here’s the recap of the goals I checked off my list between then and December 31st, 2015.

Goal #2: Volunteer for an organization that helps animals. I actually volunteered for three – Safe Haven Rescue, Life is Better Rescue and Angels with Paws.

101 Goals Recap by Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
Photos from a donated shoot with Safe Haven Rescue in Boulder, Colorado

Goal #3: Foster a dog (or three). We fostered a pointer/lab mix named Look, a miniature pinscher named Skye and a black and tan coonhound named Raven. Raven was my favorite but I loved them all!

101 Goals Recap by Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
Luke, Raven and Skye

Goal #10: Climb a four pitch route

Goal #11: Visit two new countries. We visited Costa Rica in November 2015.

Goal #12: Visit four new states. We visited Indiana in July 2015.

Goal #14: Visit two big cities that I haven’t been to. In October we visited Salt Lake City for our one year wedding anniversary.

Goal #16: Visiting 5 new climbing areas. We visited the Monestary in July 2015 and Maple Canyon in October 2015.

Goal #21: Use OCF at a wedding reception.

Goal #23: Join PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

Goal #24: Photograph an out of state destination wedding

Goal #28: Design a pet photography site (…or create an entirely new brand? Yes, please). Check it out!

Goal #29: Outsource my editing

Goal #30: Read 12 business books (4 down!)

Goal #33: Print my wedding photos and hang them on the wall

Goal #36: Get professional head shots that really show who I am

Goal #38: Complete at least three styled shoots each year

Goal #40: Exercise at least 200 days per year

Goal #41: Help at least 10 photographers update their pricing (1 down)

Goal #45: Blog 2 times a week for two months

Goal #49: Model for a yoga boudoir session

Goal #60: Reach 600 Instagram followers

Goal #65: Start saving for the down payment on our next house

Goal #73: Find out what triggered my cold urticaria

Goal #84: Start using a studio management system

Goal #85: Start sending out quarterly emails to my mailing list

Goal #86: Take a yoga class 2x a week for two months

Goal #87: Buy and start using blog stomp

Goal #88: Buy a traveling bag for photography gear

Goal #89: Buy a 105mm 2.8 lens

Goal #92: Do a headstand

Goal #94: Read 15 personal books (5 down!)

Here’s to an even more productive 2016!