101 Goals Recap for 2016 by Colorado Elopement Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

2016 has been a crazy year, and I’m not going to lie, I spent a lot more time focusing on my health and stress reduction than I did on ticking off my 101 goals.

That said, I still managed to do quite a bit.

You wouldn’t know that though, because I’ve also been slacking off on blogging about the goals I’ve hit. I’ll work on that, I promise.

But until then, here are the goals I ticked off in 2016.

2016 101 Goals Recap by Colorado Elopement Photographer Rayna McGinnis#12 – Visiting 4 New States | I kind of blew this one out of the water. In 2016 alone I visited Wisconsin, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and Montana, bringing my total since starting my 101 goals list to 6.

#13 – Visit 4 New National Parks | We picked up three in 2016, Badlands National Park, Crater Lake National Park and Glacier National Park

#14 | Visit 2 Big Cities That I haven’t Been To | We checked out Madison, WI on our way to South Dakota in July.

#17 – Go Flat Water Kayaking | Christian and I decided to take a kayaking tour through Big Cypress National Forest of Southern Florida in January while visiting his dad.

#34 – Paint Main Bathroom | Well, we moved, but once we moved, we painted our main bathroom, which had the same WAYYYY TOO WHITE problem as our condo, school bus yellow. We’re still working on that bathroom, but there will be photos.

#35 – Organize Photography Shelves in the Basement | With the move came downsizing and all of my photography stuff is now neatly organized into one closet. And a few shelves in the garage.

#40 – Exercise At Least 200 Days Per Year | I made it, just barely, but I did. Recap to come.

#48 – Learn How To Use Back Button Focus | I learned this one on the fly but so glad I did and don’t see myself ever going back.

#68 – Have Family Photos Taken | My good friend, and very talented photographer, Ashley of Ashley McKenzie Photography took some amazing images of Christian, Savannah and me over the summer.

#73 – Find Out What Triggered My Cold Urticaria | We’re still unraveling the onion but all of my cold urticaria symptoms are gone and I’m getting new foods back, so it seems we finally figured it out.

#74 – Become an LLC | Recently I started doing some work for Noble Beast Dog Training, because they’re awesome, and with this came becoming an LLC. They gave me a kick in the butt, I made it happen. Not much to blog about there.

#82 – Live out of the SUV/Tent for 14 days Straight | We did that this summer on our Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming road trip!

#83 – Go on a Hike With Just Me and Savannah | Not only did I do this once, or twice, but we’ve been on about a half dozen hikes by ourselves now and have a ton planned for 2017 too!

#91 – Order High Quality Business Cards | Done and done.

#97 – Complete a 30 Days of Thankfulness | I completed mine in November 2016, with the help and support of some wonderful friends who joined me in it!

Okay, that’s it. Now… I still have a lot of goals to go, and I have until October 29th of this year to do it.

Wish me luck!

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