2017 Colorado Elopement Budget | What You Can Expect To Pay

So you’re planning a Colorado Elopement, or at least thinking about planning one, and most likely you’ve been looking at locations, and options, and even though it’s not a full blown wedding, it’s still a bit overwhelming. How much will everything cost? What should you expect to get? Take a breath. I’ve got some answer for you!

Like weddings, elopements come in a variety of sizes and styles, and those things will most definitely effect cost.

First, let’s talk about the necessities: 

Location + Marriage License

If you’re a simple couple, you and your significant other can run off into the mountains, say your vows among the trees and call it a day. You don’t even have to get all dressed up in a white dress or suit if you don’t want to. This will cost you $30 at a Colorado DMV.

Want to spice things up, just a little bit? 

Add a Dress, Suit, Rings + Photographer

Dresses can cost thousands of dollars, but they don’t have to. You can pick one up at a second hand wedding dress store, or you could shop on Amazon because they have some amazing options. I’m also a big fan of Rent the Runway and Lulus. For guys, I recommend either renting, or purchasing a nice suit and having it tailored to fit you (you’re fortunate enough to be able to wear it again later, so if you’re going to spend money, why not invest?). And why get all dressed up and head off into the mountains without a photographer to capture it all? That’s nonsense. Hire a Colorado Elopement Photographer for 1-2 hours to document your day, so that 1) you have photos to help remember all the little details twenty years from now and 2) so your friends and family can experience your joy without actually having to be there. Now add on a set of Qalo rings for $50. $200 (dress on amazon) + $500 (suit) + $1000 (2 hr photography package) + $30 (Marriage License) = $1780.

Want a few more final touches?

Add a Bouquet, Hair and Make Up Artist, Officiant and A Sign

Want to go all out? You can do that too. A bouquet and boutonniere will add a beautiful pop to your elopement day. Pick up both for $200-$250. A hair and make up artist will run about $150-$200 as well, or you can make an appointment at the local salon. Want someone to help officiate the event (that’s optional here in Colorado), I know some great officiants that run between $200-$350, depending on what you’re looking for.  Add in a custom elopement sign that you can hang on your wall as a daily reminder of your elopement and you’re all set. $1780 + $200 (bouquet + boutonniere) + $200 (hair and make up) + $250 (officiant) + $75 (sign) = $2430.

For an intimate, beautiful, wedding with breath taking views, that’s not too bad.

You could easily add on a flight, a hotel, a videographer and maybe even a custom elopement announcement and still come in under the $5000 mark.

I know, still, so many options. Well, here’s a list of what my average couple’s Colorado Elopement Budget looks like: $1905

Average Rayna Mcginnis Photography Elopement Budget


And my average Destination Elopement Budget (Couples flying into Colorado): $3205

Colorado Destination Elopement Budget for RMP

And keep in mind, that this is the average. Some spend more on one thing and less on another. If you want to hike back into the mountains and do an extended photo session, I’m totally game, but that’s going to cost you more. If your favorite flower is out of season but you HAVE to have it, that’s okay but at a cost. May you don’t care about a sign? Awesome, then don’t have one. Do what you want, the way you want, in the beautiful Colorado mountains. And message me when you do, because I want in on that. 🙂