Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

Hey there! I’m Rayna and I’m a rock climbing, animal loving, red wine drinking, Colorado Wedding Photographer. I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements for active couples worldwide.

As an active person, I understand that being active isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. I do everything I can to provide a stress free wedding photography experience that allows you to spend less time wedding planning and more time playing outside. I also guarantee lots of laughs, sarcasm and beautiful images.

Head shots of Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
Photos of Colorado Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

Random Facts About Me:

  • Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!), I moved to Colorado in 2010 with my husband, Christian, and our two kitties. We came to Colorado for the rock climbing access and amazing weather. Six years later, Colorado is our home.
  • Since moving to Colorado, we’ve rescued two more cats, and recently, a dog. We now have five furry children. If you want to see a million photos of them, make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • I love to spend my evenings curled up with a cat or two, a glass of red wine and Christian. When I’m not doing that, I’m most likely rock climbing, hiking or traveling somewhere awesome.
  • I love being active and healthy. In fact, my undergrad is in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I finished my degree knowing that I would probably never use it professionally, but the knowledge has changed my life and I’m glad I have it.

Please take a few minutes, look around and let me know if you have any questions!

You’ll Love Me If You:

  • Believe that life is about experiences and that being in the moment creates happiness.
  • Live for the great outdoors.
  • Enjoy drinking red wine or dark beer, while sitting around a campfire enjoying good conversation with great friends.
  • Have nice clothes, but only wear your active clothes unless you’re going somewhere “really important”.
  • Believe that rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and/or kayaking is the perfect way to spend your honeymoon.

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