Anniversary Trip to Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

For our 9 year dating anniversary, Christian and I decided to head off on a climbing road trip together. We debated flying to Belize or the Bahamas with our Southwest points, but in the end felt like a road trip with Savannah dog was more appropriate.

We decided on Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’d been there twice before and have talked about going back so many times. The weather looked perfect, so we packed our new Toyota Sienna, bed and all, and started our adventure!

Road Tripping in a Toyota Sienna Minivan
This was our Sienna’s first road trip. You can see before and after here. We can fit a lot into her!
Red Rock Canyon Nevada Hiking
Hiking back from our crag in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

We climbed single pitch sport all three days, then came back to camp to cook dinner and curl up in the back of our mini van. To us, days like this are absolutely perfect, and this weekend was no exception. The weather was 75 and sunny all three days, the air was fresh and the views were stunning.

Red Rock Canyon Rock Climbing Dog
Savannah passed out after a hard day of sleeping at the crag.

When it was finally time to go, we both looked at each other and frowned. Three days wasn’t nearly enough and we wanted to stay out there forever. Or at least for another month or two.

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Christian and Savannah hiking in to the crag on our last day.
St. George BLM Camping
Anniversary dinner on our last night. We drove to St. George and camped out on BLM land there.

For information on Red Rock Canyon you can go to

Stay tuned for our second 2016 trip to Red Rocks in another post!