Anniversary trip to Salt Lake City – 101 Goal #14 – SLC Photographer

Christian and I celebrated our one year anniversary on October 17th. We decided that we should make a trip of it, as if we needed a reason to go on a trip. So off we went to explore Salt Lake City, Utah.

At the time we picked Salt Lake because of the weather forecast. We considered Las Vegas, Seattle, the Red River Gorge and even places like Belize and Puerto Rico, but alas, SLC won. Looking back though, it was an absolutely perfect choice. Years ago, when we still lived in Pittsburgh and had decided to move out west, Christian and I considered moving to Salt Lake. In fact, it was our #2 choice. It would have been number one except that the University of Utah said they’d only accept 12 of my 80 college credits, and that was sort of a deal breaker for me. Otherwise, we very well may have moved to Salt Lake and wouldn’t be where we are now.

Wedding Photographer Rayna McGinnis and Husband arriving in Salt Lake City
Just arrived in Salt Lake City. Thank you Southwest Airlines for a smooth flight!

Visiting Salt Lake, we learned a lot. Like some of the local climbing areas definitely beat out local Denver crags. And there are beautiful mountains everywhere, and a giant lake with a beach, and tons of cool things to explore. I think it offers a larger variety of landscapes and beauty that few places have. But the city… we didn’t really connect with it at all. And while we drove through a ton of different areas, we didn’t find any pretty spots, or quaint little houses like we have here in Denver. It was all commercial sprawl or tourism, and we’re not really a fan of either.  Maybe we missed the good spots, but over all, it helped convince us that we did in fact make the “right” decision so many years ago.

We spent three days in Salt Lake and the surrounding area. On Friday we arrived and set off south to Maple Canyon for some amazing climbing on cobblestones and then hiked the Middle Fork trial to a beautiful overlook. On Saturday we knew crappy weather was on it’s way, so we got up early and drove to the Bonneville Salt Flats. One of the coolest places ever? Maybe. Afterwards, we headed down to Temple Square and Salt Lake to see what all the fuss was about, then we had a quiet evening in with wine and a movie. Sunday we headed north to Antelope Island.  We got to see Bison up close (I’d seen them in Yellowstone but this was pretty awesome), we went on a hike, explored one of the beaches and drove the entire park. It was definitely the most beautiful part of our trip and I felt like I could have stayed there for ever. Mid afternoon, we headed back to the airport and came home to our Savannah dog, who we missed almost as much as she missed us.

Also, one of my 101 Goals is to visit two major cities I haven’t been to already. Salt Lake City was one of those!

And now, the part you’ve been waiting for. Photos!

Rock Climbing in Maple Canyon - SLC Photographer
Rock climbing in Maple Canyon!
Middle Fork Overlook in Maple Canyon
The view from the top of Middle Fork Overlook!
The Bonneville Salt Flats - SLC Photographer
The Salt Flats! They look like snow, but they’re not…
Family Photo on Bonneville Salt Flats - SLC Photographer
Family photo on the Salt Flats!
SLC Photographer Rayna McGinnis playing at the Salt Flats.
I like to pretend I’m an airplane. This was a good place for that, as there wasn’t anything to crash into!
Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Temple Square – beautiful architecture.
Bison at Antelope Island State Park - SLC Photographer
One of hundreds of bison we saw at Antelope Island State Park.
Dooley Knob hike at Antelope Island State Park
Beautiful views while hiking up Dooley Knob.
SLC Photographer - Hiking to the top of Dooley Knob at Antelope Island State Park
At the top of the Dooley Knob hike at Antelope Island.
Bison by the road at Antelope Island.
These guys were right next to the road, but I still gave them distance and used my long lens!
Great Salt Lake Beach - SLC Photographer
Views of one of the Salt Lake City Beaches
Antelope island State Park
Our last view before heading to the airport.

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