Yoga SUP Boarding Session with Julia at Bear Lake

Julia and I have a lot in common. First off, we’re both photographers, we both have husbands who are avid climbers, and we are both climbers ourselves. Aside from that, we both love adventure, traveling and drinking too much wine.

Needless to say, I think she’s pretty cool. Julia also loves Stand Up Paddle boarding, something I have always wanted to try, and after chatting for a while, we decided to swap sessions. I would photograph her Yoga SUP Boarding Session and she would photograph my yoga boudoir-ish session (don’t worry, there will be photos of that too).

Here are the results of her Yoga SUP Boarding session at Bear Lake:

Yoga SUP boarding Session in Colorado
Julia kicking butt on her SUP Board!
Bear Lake Yoga SUP Boarding Session
Check out her back muscles. Love it!!

Julia doing a Yoga SUP Boarding Session on Bear LakeJulia floating on her SUP Board at Bear Lake