Colorado Elopement | Krystal + Alek

Meet Krystal and Alek! They opted for an April Fools Colorado elopement, in the beautiful, sunny mountains of Boulder. The irony speaks for itself. 🙂

These two are both down to earth, adventurous people who describe themselves as an “odd couple” (hence the April Fools elopement). They love to go hiking, have lazy Sunday morning brunches and to spend time with their pup. They love to be outside and on an adventure.

I personally loved being a part of their elopement. Not only were they a joy to photograph, the fresh snow and clouds that were practically sitting on top of the mountains were a welcome change from Colorado’s forever sunny weather. I LOVE moody backdrops.

Colorado Elopement Ceremony on Flagstaff Mountain
Saying I do while overlooking the Continental Divide!

Colorado Elopement Ceremony in Boulder, Colorado Colorado Elopement in April Krystal and Alek saying I do at their Colorado Elopement Ceremony Ring Exchange at Colorado Elopement Emotional Elopement Ceremony in Boulder, Colorado

First kiss in a spectacular setting!
First kiss in a spectacular setting!

Colorado Elopement Photography

Bride and groom taking in the moment
Krystal and Alek taking in the moment!

Boulder Elopement Photography

Bride and Groom standing on top of the world!
Standing on top of the world. <3

Moody Elopement Photos by Rayna McGinnis

Beautiful wedding bouquet by Veldkamps!
Beautiful wedding bouquet by Veldkamps!

Raw Diamond Engagement ring at Colorado Elopement
I loved how Krystal’s engagement ring looked like it was made of snow!
Bride and Groom walking out of their mountain elopement
Heading back to Boulder to celebrate!



Krystal and Alek’s Awesome Team of Colorado Elopement Vendors:

Colorado Elopement Photographer – Rayna McGinnis

Colorado Elopement Florist – Veldkamps

Bride’s Dress – Little White Lies

Bride’s Engagement Ring – Engaged Jewelry | Etsy

Bride and Groom Wedding Bands – PointNoPoint Studio | Etsy