Colorado Wedding Budget Guide

A friend of mine recently got engaged. Knowing that I’m part of the industry, she came to me for advice. What do I need in a wedding photographer? Which vendors should I hire? How much should we expect to spend? 

I happily answered her questions. And then she said to me, you know, you really need to start writing blog posts about this stuff. And I was just like… yea, I probably should. So here I am. 

One of the questions I think couples struggle with the most is how much should we expect to spend. And to be completely honest, it’s a super complicated question and depends a lot on what is important to you. 

Obviously you’re going to spend a lot more if you want a big wedding with everyone you know, verses a small, intimate wedding with friends and family. 

And to get to the bottom of it, I contacted some of my favorite Colorado wedding vendors and put together a Colorado Wedding Budget Guide. This guide outlines both ranges of what you can expect to spend, and when possible, it’s broken down into per person. 

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