Denver Pet Photography – New Website – Goal #28

I’ve been photographing pets on the side for a while now, but until recently, I didn’t have a website with much to show for it. So, to make sure it got done, I put designing a Denver Pet Photography page on my 101 goals list.

After a lot of consideration, I decided to transform my old portrait website into my Denver Pet Photography site. I wasn’t actually using it for anything, so it made sense and it allows me to keep my wedding business separate from my pet business. I like keeping things separate, it helps me to stay organized. You’ll notice that they do link together though, so if you want photos of your furry family members, you can find a link under investment or just click here.

My pet photography style is a lot like my wedding style in that I focus on capturing a pets true personality and the connection they have with their people. I absolutely love chasing dogs around a park or kitties around the house and documenting their favorite activities.

Denver-Pet-Photography Website Snapshot
Screen shot of Rayna McGinnis Pet Photography.