Rayna 101: Q&A with Denver Wedding Photographers, Rayna & Christian

We photograph your wedding, make some jokes and ask a lot of questions…. about YOU. Here is a chance for you to get to know us a little better. If there’s something that you want to know that we didn’t cover, leave a comment and let us know!

How did you two meet?

R: We met on HotorNot.com. Yep, remember that site? About ten years ago Christian thought I was cute, so he sent me a message and called me a dork. I kind of liked it. We were suppose to meet back then but I chickened out and cancelled on him. Three years later our internet paths crossed again and we decided to meet up. The rest is history!

What’s the first thing you noticed about each other?

R: That he was super comfortable just being himself and that he had gorgeous eyes.

C: That she had a lot of personality and could hold an intelligent conversation, but also played with me really well.  She gave my crap right back to me.  On our first date, she shoved her ice cream in my face because I kept stealing it.

What do you love to do (besides photography)?

R: Climb, hike and travel. I also love spending time with my kitties and drinking red wine.

C: Climb and travel.  Have new experiences of all kinds.

What do you look forward to most when photographing a wedding?

R: The details and the first dances. I pretty much always cry. I’m a sap for the emotion on a wedding day, so much better than chick flicks.

C:  I really like capturing moments.  Candid photographs where people don’t know things are being shot.  Intentionally set up pictures can be great, but the ones that are really powerful are usually when you manage to capture a genuine moment in time.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

R: Everywhere. But if I had to pick ONE place, I think I’d go to Patagonia. I’d love to hike there, take a billion pictures and play with a baby sloth.

C: Probably Patagonia of Chamonix. Both places I’d like to explore with Rayna and do a healthy amount of climbing.

If you could do anything and be paid to do it, other than photography, what would it be?

R: I’d love to be a traveling/climbing nomad. I could totally live out of a van and travel the world.

C: I’d like to travel and climb.  Some of my best experiences have happened when I was living out of a backpack.
What can you tell us about each other?

R: Christian is an amazing person. He’s funny, motivated and adventurous. He’s been my support system for years, motivating me to go back to school and to start my own photography business. He’s my confidence when my confidence is lacking and he’d my safety net when I decide to take a leap. He’s my rock. When it comes to photography, he has a creative eye and he’ll hide in the corners, capturing the intimate, emotional moments without you even knowing it. He’s my best friend and I’m so lucky to have him as my second shooter.

C: Rayna is amazingly supportive, and encourages my dreams even when they scare her.  She also sees the beauty in little things.  I tend to be pretty goal focused, and she’ll often encourage me to slow down and enjoy the journey instead of pushing hard toward whatever my goal of the moment is.

Anything else you want to add?

R: Christian and I make an awesome team. 2014 is our 4th wedding season together and we’re both very excited to see what this season brings. We’re both energetic, active people and together we are dedicated to capturing your wedding day in a unique, beautiful way.

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Denver Wedding Photographers, Rayna and Christian
Denver Wedding Photographers, Rayna and Christian

Images by Daisy Portraits.