Doing a headstand – Goal #92 | Active Wedding Photographer

I’ve been trying to do a headstand since I was a kid.  I clearly remember all the kids in the neighborhood outside trying to walk on their hands and I couldn’t do more than faceplant in the grass and wonder what I was doing wrong.

A few decades later, I have become a much stronger, less clumsy person. Sure, I still occasionally trip over my own two feet or get blown over by the imaginary wind, but I think that happens to the best of us.

Over the years, I’ve developed a love for rock climbing and then yoga, which I found complimented my climbing. Yoga to me, like climbing, is about two things – meditation and overcoming what I believe to be physical limitations. I love looking at woman who are doing headstands. While they look much more elegant than I do, it requires so much concentration, core strength and balance that I can’t help but be in awe. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, which is why I put it on my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list.

Well, this past week was the week. After months of working on headstands and years of strengthening my core, I’m finally able to do a headstand! While I can only maintain it for a short while, I was able to do it in the wind at Stanley Lake, so I think I get bonus points there. Thanks to Jamie Kraus for the photo!

Active Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis doing a Headstand
Rayna doing a headstand at Standley lake.

Rayna is an active wedding photographer located in Denver, Colorado.