Engagement Session at Red Rocks | Bethany + Benjamin

Bethany and Benjamin are a playful couple who enjoy going to the movies, skateboarding and playing video games together.

Bethany absolutely loves that Benjamin is always trying to make her laugh and Benjamin loves that Bethany will laugh at his jokes, even when they aren’t funny. They’re a perfect match.

Their engagement session at Red Rocks was a perfect example of this, as they affectionately hiked up the Red Rocks Trail with me. They played, they laughed and when Benjamin talked back, Bethany would threaten to use her Taekwondo moves on him (I hear she’s an awesome Taekwondo instructor).

Here are some of my favorite images from their session! Engagement Session at Red Rocks with Bethany and Benjamin

Ring shot at Red Rocks
Bethany and Benjamin cuddling a little bit.

Engagement Session at Red Rocks by Rayna McGinnis Photography

Engagement Session at Red Rocks
These two were constantly laughing
Engagement Session at Red Rocks Park in Golden Colorado
Red Rocks in Spring.

Engagement Session at Red Rocks ParkEngagement Session at Red Rocks - Rayna McGinnis Photography (1)