Evergreen Lake House Bridal Portraits

These amazing bridal portraits of Taylor were taken last September at the Evergreen Lake House in Evergreen, Colorado. The timing worked out perfectly, with the leaves just beginning to change for the season. Kristi of Fleur Decor put together not one, but two amazing bouquets and she even brought her dog, Kaila, along for the ride. And of course, we couldn’t let an adorable golden retriever pup go to waste.

Details at Evergreen lake House bridal portraits
Taylor has a unique, rustic style and she totally rocked it.
Wedding hair and make up by KimJ beauty
Beautiful hair and make up by KimJ Beauty!
Wedding bouquets by Fleur Decor
Loved both of these bouquets by Fleur Decor
Golden retriever with wedding bouquets at Evergreen Lake House
Golden Retriever + Bouquet = Best Shoot Ever.
Evergreen lake House wedding portraits
The Evergreen Lake House makes for a fabulous backdrop!
Evergreen Lake House Bridal Portraits by Rayna McGinnis
Taylor showing her softer side
View from the Evergreen Lake House
The Evergreen Lake House has some amazing views!
Colorado Wedding bouquet by Fleur Decor
Close up of Kristi’s beautiful work!
Wedding Portraits at the Evergreen lake house
Playing on the boardwalk with Kaila!
Evergreen lake House wedding phtoography by Rayna McGinnis
My favorite shot from the entire session!
Autumn wedding at Evergreen Lake House
Love the autumn colors in the background!

A special thank you to the amazing vendors that made this bridal portrait session possible:

Wedding Venue: Evergreen Lake House, Evergreen, Colorado

Hair/Make Up: Kim of KimJ Beauty

Bouquets & Dog: Kristi of Fleur Decor