Evergreen Wedding Photography at the Evergreen Lake House

Mindi and Kyle are playful, loving and funny. You can tell that they’re head over heels in love with each other’s flaws and perfections. Their ceremony was amazing, with quotes from artists like Bob Marley,  Susan Sarandon and Jim Croce. They included stories of the past in their ceremony and told the world what they loved about each other. It was touching, amusing and awesome.

My favorite part of their wedding ceremony was the story of how Kyle proposed to Mindi. He wanted it to be special and so he included one of the most important things to Mindi in his proposal, her kitten Odie.  He put her engagement ring on her cat’s collar and told her he had bought Odie a new collar for Christmas. Mindi patted the kitty on the head and went back to getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. She totally missed the ring. Kyle had to make her look again before getting down on one knee and bringing Mindi to tears. I love it!! And not just because it involved a kitty, though that doesn’t hurt.

Mindi and Kyle said their vows on the back deck at the Evergreen Lake House in Evergreen, Colorado. They were surrounded by friends, family and a hilarious bridal party.

Mindi and Kyle, you are amazing together and I wish you the best in life!

Wedding Ceremony at Evergreen Lake House

What Mindi loves most about Kyle: That he loves her for her, his smile, his hugs and how he supports her. That he is hardworking, strong and loyal. That he is kind to others and knows how to have a good time.

What Kyle loves most about Mindi: That she is loving, warm hearted, giving, thoughtful and caring. That she believes in following her own path, that she can make him smile when he’s down and that she has a great perspective on life. That she listens, looks for the good in others and would do anything for friends and family.

Evergreen Lake House Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony at the Evergreen Lake house.
Evergreen Wedding Photography - Bridal Party
Their bridal party was super fun!

Kyle and Mindi's wedding at the Evergreen Lake House

Bridal Portraits at the Evergreen Lake House
Couple’s Portraits at the Evergreen Lake House.
Wedding Photography at the evergreen lake house
Mindi and Kyle at their wedding reception at the Evergreen Lake House

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