Five Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Registry

If you’re like me, when you decided to get married you were already living with your significant other. My guests kept asking, where are you registered? Uh.. we’re not. We don’t need anything for our house, we have most of what we want already.

After I while, I had this crazy idea. I was like… we don’t like to buy “stuff” but we do love to travel. I wonder if their is a honeymoon registry. And to my surprise, there was!

Now I know not everyone wants to do a honeymoon registry, and there’s nothing wrong with doing a traditional wedding registry either. But I think it’s important for couples to know that they have options.


1. The Honeyfund

The Honeyfund is who we used for our wedding registry. We liked that we could designate items for people to buy for us like dinners, hotel nights and glasses of wine. It was also really convenient to set up and we had a lot of fun with it.

2. Bottlenotes

This one is for the wine lovers out there. If you love wine as much as I do, you can really never have enough or for that matter, too much, right? So why not have your guests send you all of your favorites to share for anniversaries (or Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) to come?

3. Hate My House

One of the coolest ideas ever. If you’re not home owners yet, or you have a dream home in mind, why not have your friends and family start buying your house for you? This makes a lot more sense than buying you a ton of stuff for your house that you don’t even have yet. I also love that your loved ones get to pick what they buy, like a window or a door knob.

4. I do Foundation

The I do Foundation is a charity wedding registry. That’s right. If you don’t want to do a traditional registry, or your financially comfortable but love to give back, this is a great option for you. Your friends and family can make donations to the charity of your choice and you can feel good knowing their gifts are going to good use.

5. REI

So maybe you’re not the traditional couple, but you prefer playing in your backyard, you’d rather live out of a van than a house and you already run your own charity. Or maybe you just love new gear and could really use a four season tent. Instead of building a registry full of shiny new pots and pans, why not sign up for an outdoor loveseat, matching headlamps and a two person hammock?

Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Registry - Honeyfund