Four Engagement Session Tips Every Couple Should Know

If you look online, you’ll find a million engagement session tips about how to make the best out of your shoot. You’ll learn about what to wear, what props to bring and even how to choose a photographer.

Well, I’m not here to tell you any of that. I’m here to tell you that an engagement session is way more than just a photo session with your future spouse. It’s an opportunity, and these four engagement sessions tips will help you make the most out of it.

Four Engagement Session Tips Every Couple Should Know

1) This is a rehearsal for the big day. Take advantage of it.

Before your high school graduation, you practiced walking. Before that play in college, you rehearsed how many times? How about your MCATs? You studied for those and took how many practice exams? Your engagement session is a rehearsal, for your photographer. No, most of us don’t “need” it. I didn’t “need” to study for every test I ever took in college, but you can bet I did, because even though I knew the information, I wanted to make sure I nailed it. Your wedding isn’t any different. Every couple plays, flirts and interacts differently. The engagement session gives ME, the photographer, the opportunity to figure you out. It allows me to learn which angles you look best at, how to get you comfortable in front of the camera and how to make the most out of your wedding day. What’s in it for you? Awesome, fun couples photos and even more awesome wedding photos. I call that a win. Have an engagement session.

2) Engagement Sessions are a great opportunity to do a trial with your hair/make up artist.

You may have heard that makeup looks different in photos than it does in real life. This is 100% true. A little extra goes a long way. However, when you walk out of your hair and make up artist appointment feeling like your face is plastered on, you’re not going to be feeling too great about your very talented hair and makeup artist. I highly recommend scheduling your hair and makeup appointment for the day of your engagement session. It’s another rehearsal, but this time, you get to see how your makeup is going to look before it’s go time. Then, on your wedding day, you’ll have confidence in how you look. That peace of mind is priceless.

3) Pinterest is your friend, but it’s not your best friend. Don’t let it consume your session.

Let me start out by saying, I LOVE Pinterest. I use it all the time. I pin house ideas, photo inspiration, even cute photos of animals. But it’s really easy to get unrealistic expectations. Like the time I decided I could make my own garden box out of two by fours. It would be the perfect size, and shape, and look just like the professional ones. Or it could be awkwardly nailed together, a little too big for the backyard and look like my 12 year old self made it in my middle school shop class… My point is, Pinterest is great for inspiration, but when you start saying “I want that picture”, you have to remember that your wedding is not that wedding. Your background will be different, your style will be different, your lighting will be different and most likely, your photographer will not be able to capture that photo exactly as you see it.

As a photographer, when I’m given a couple’s Pinterest board, I study it to get a feel of what they’re looking for. Then I try to take the emotion in that photo and capture something similar for them, that they can call their own. What it comes down to is my artistic vision, which is what you hired me for, right? Let me create something just as awesome for you, that you can call your own.

4) Ask your photographer for their input.

This one is pretty simple but often overlooked. The details of your session matter. If you want those beautiful sunkissed photos, you have to shoot around sunset. If you want beautiful mountain views, there have to be clear mountain views and a high enough location to capture them. The lighting matters, the time of day matters, the location matters. If you both wear jeans and white shirts, with the help of the sun, you and your fiance very well may become one in your photo. How can you make sure that this doesn’t happen? Talk to you photographer. Ask questions. What time do you recommend we schedule our session? Can I text you clothing options so you can advise us on what to wear? Do you know of a location with a mountain view that will allow me to get a shot like “insert pinterest image”? Remember, we’re experts, artists and we do this all the time. That’s why you hired us, so use it to your advantage.

Do you have any other engagement session tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Engagement Session Tips Every Couple Should Know
Engagement Session at Sunrise Ampitheater in Boulder.