Danielle and Daniel’s Golden Engagement Photography Session on the Golden History Park and Clear Creek Trail

Danielle and Daniel are a sweet, adventurous couple who love to go hiking, golfing and to play with their dogs. So it was no surprise (well except maybe for Danielle) when Daniel decided to propose to her on a Saturday morning hike with their dogs at the Cherry Creek Reservoir. He even waited for that perfect moment, when they were up on a little nook overlooking the reservoir to pop the question.

Sound perfect, right? 

Golden Engagement Photography Session

Well it almost didn’t happen. Danielle and Daniel almost didn’t meet at all. They had a few dates set before they actually met, but Danielle was sick so she kept cancelling and Daniel was planning a potential move out of state. Determined, Daniel convinced Danielle to come out for tea and they met up a local coffee shop. They hit if off and decided to have a “real first date” a few weeks later when Danielle was feeling better. And that was all it took. See, there is something to be said for persistence.

For their Golden Engagement Photography Session, we headed out to Golden, Colorado. Danielle really wanted to capture the autumn leaves as part of their session, so we had to postpone it a few weeks but eventually, we got it right. We photographed their session on the Clear Creek Trail and at the Golden History Park. While it was super busy, we found a few secluded parts of the trail and had a great time.

I’m really looking forward to their July 2014 wedding at Hudson Gardens. Danielle is going to make one gorgeous bride!

Golden Engagement Photography Session at the Clear Creek Trail

Golden Engagement Photography Session at the Clear Creek Trail by Rayna McGinnis

Golden Engagement Photography Session by Rayna Mcginnis

Golden Engagement Photography at the Clear Creek Trail

Ring shot at Golden Engagement Photography Session


Golden Engagement Session at Clear Creek Trail

Golden Engagement Session at the Clear Creek Trail by Rayna


Save the date shot at Clear Creek Trail in Golden Colorado
Don’t worry, this was done in post processing!
Golden Colorado Engagement Photography Session at the Clear Creek Trail
Danielle and Daniel at their Golden engagement photography session

Golden Colorado Engagement Session with Ring Shot

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