Golden Engagement Photography at Red Rocks Park | Mary and Brent

I love engagement sessions. Like really, really LOVE them. They’re an hour out of my day where I get to relax and get to know someone’s love story. I get to watch them laugh and kiss and play, as they fall in love all over again. It’s like watching a fairy tale unfold in front of my eyes, without all the Disney drama. Each and every engagement session is different and each one is amazing.

When I first talked to Mary on the phone, I asked how she and Brent met and she said “he filled in for someone on my softball team”. That’s true, but that’s not the whole story. See, Brent did fill in for a game, and then nine more games after that. And from what I’ve heard, they weren’t exactly a winning team. But after the first game, Brent decided that he kind of liked Mary and thought he’d stick out the season so that he could get to know her better. But it turns out, they’re both really shy. The season ended and Brent thought he lost his chance. As you can imagine, he was very disappointed.

Then he talked to his sister about it and like any good sister, she couldn’t let it go. She was determined to find out if Mary was equally as interested. Turns out she was and they went on a date the following weekend. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

See, that’s fairy tale stuff right there, just without the evil witches and poisoned apples. But I never really liked that part of the fairy tale. I was in it for the love story.

I learned all of this at their Golden engagement photography session, and also that they are adorable together and totally in love. These two laugh and giggle like they just met. They touch and kiss like they’re savoring ever moment. They love the way everyone wants to love. They’re perfect together.

Seriously, just look at these photos from the Red Rocks Park engagement session and tell me what you think…


Golden Engagement Photography Session at Red Rocks in Colorado

Ring shot of Rose Gold Engagement Ring at Red Rocks

Golden Engagement Photography at Red Rocks

Red Rocks Engagement Session

Golden Engagement Photography with Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Golden Engagement Photography Session at Red Rocks

Rose Gold ring shot on red Rocks in Red Rocks Park in Colorado
Mary’s rose gold engagement ring.
Golden Engagement Photography on trail in red rocks park
Couple playing at Red Rocks Park.
Couple playing at engagement session in Red Rocks Park
Mary and Brent at their Golden Engagement Photography Session

Golden Engagement Photography at Red Rocks Park