How to Back Up Your Wedding Photos

I’m not going to lie, most newly married couples receive their online gallery from their wedding photographer, download a copy to their computer, put a few on social media and forget about them. It kind of breaks my heart. For more ways than one. The most obvious reason is because your wedding photos are a reminder of the best day of your life and should be displayed so that you have a daily reminder of where it all started. But the second reason is because computers crash, media changes and I HATE hearing stories about couples not backing up their images and losing those memories forever.

So then you might be wonder, what else should I do with them? Great question!

How To Back Up Your Wedding Photos

  1. Two Copies, Two Locations: Always have two copies of your images in two different locations. This protects them from issues like a hard drive failure, house fire or computer theft. While those are all downers, you’ll be even more disappointed if the only copy of your wedding images is gone too. I recommend one copy online, like Google Photos or Drop Box and then one at home, on your computer. If you don’t have access to online storage, you could simply put your photos on a USB drive and mail it to a family member for safe keeping.
  2. Update As Technology Changes: Imagine if our parent’s wedding photos were on 8-Tracks. Most of them wouldn’t even be able to access them anymore. Over the years we’ve watched as numerous forms of technology have come and gone. DVDs were all the rage when I started shooting professionally, and then USB drives stepped in. In another decade, we will have something else. So as we change from one type of technology to another, make sure to copy your photos over to the newest form.
  3. Print Your Photos: It sound so simple and yet so few couples actually do it. Invest in a wedding album, or a wall print, or if nothing else, a bunch of 5x7s. One of my favorite activities to do when visiting my parents is to go through the old photos they have of their parents, and them growing up. Future generations will love doing that of you too. And while many people are unlikely to go through the trouble of finding something that can read a USB drive (we’re talking decades from now), they will know exactly what to do with a print. The very first thing I did when I received my wedding photos was design an album and order a few prints. And every day I see them, and every day I smile.

And please don’t assume that your wedding photographer will keep a copy of your photos forever. Most archive them for up to a year, but after that do not. When shooting dozens of wedding every year, the images start to take up a ton of hard drive space, and those hard drives take up even more storage space. Over time, hard drives fail, and things get misplaced. It’s a much better idea to back them up yourselves!

how to back up your wedding images