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I’m a destination wedding photographer. Yes, I primarily shoot in Colorado, but I am available to travel throughout the United States, and world. And even if I’m not shooting weddings, I still travel as often as I can.

You may recall that this past summer, Christian and I road tripped from Pittsburgh, up through Wisconsin and then west through South Dakota and ended up in Wyoming. We tagged two new states, one new city and a new national park along the way.

Well we did it again, except this time we took 12 days and traveled to the Pacific Northwest via the Adventure Van. We tagged three new states (Idaho, Oregon and Montana), two new national parks (Crater Lake and Glacier) and two new climbing areas (City of Rocks and Smith Rock State Park). Sadly, Savannah didn’t get to go on this trip, but I whined about missing her every single day.

Here are my favorite photos from our PNW adventure!


City of Rocks, Idaho
Finally made it to City of Rocks!
Sunset by Destination Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
Watching the sun set in Idaho
Climbing Jackson's Thumb at City of Rocks, Idaho
We spent our first day climbing Jackson’s Thumb. Such a cool 5.7!
Summit view of Jackson's Thumb at City of Rocks, Idaho
Christian and I at the summit
Sunrise at City of Rocks, Idaho by Destination Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
The next morning we got up early to watch the sunrise and to get in a few climbs before heading to Crater Lake National Park


Crater Lake National Park at Sunrise by Destination Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
We got up early in hopes of catching the sunrise at Crater Lake National Park. Turns out it’s really cold up there in the early morning.
Destination Wedding Photographer at Crater Lake National Park
Here I am toughing out the 30 degrees and crazy wind gusts. I could have used a thicker jacket.
Crater Lake National Park
I was super excited to finally make it to Crater Lake. It’s been on my bucket list since high school.

Crater Lake Oregon Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Wedding Photographer at Crater Lake National Park
Just taking in the views.
Toyota Sienna in Bend, Oregon
On the way to Bend from Crater Lake our car starting giving us warning lights. Turns out we bottomed out in City of Rocks and smashed our oil pan. So we were stuck in Bend for a while.
Alpacas in Terrebonne, Oregon
But we got a rental car and headed to Smith Rocks anyways, and found Alpacas!!
Alpaca farm in Central Oregon
How cute is he?
Smith Rock State Park
And Smith Rock was awesome. The climbing there wasn’t too bad either.

Smith Rock State Park in Oregon Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon

Feeding Alpacas in Oregon
On the way home we stopped to feed the Alpacas.
Alpaca in Central Oregon
That face!
Alpaca feeding in Terrebonne, Oregon
They were surprisingly gentle.


Glacier National Park
And we even made it to Glacier before the sunset. Another HUGE National Park bucketlist item for me.
Destination Wedding Photographer at Glacier National Park
Christian and I, still smiling, after 13 hours in the car together.
Road to the sun, Glacier National Park
The next day we decided to drive the Road to the Sun.
Road to the sun at Glacier NP in Montana
I just loved the way the roads were cut into the rocky hillsides!
Destination Wedding Photographer at Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park
If anyone is getting married at Mary’s Lake, I am your Destination Wedding Photographer. Seriously. Call me.
Many Glaciers Hike in Glacier National Park
We went on a short hike in Many Glaciers looking for moose. We didn’t see any, but the views were amazing
Glacier National Park's Road to the Sun
We made it back through the mountains just in time for them to shut it down due to bad weather!

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