Briarwood Inn Wedding Photography in Golden, Colorado

A small May wedding with a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, at an elegant Golden, Colorado location… with a forecast of 55 degrees and rain. I kept my fingers crossed for three days as I watched the forecast, checking the hourly report at least twice a day.

“Please don’t rain… Please don’t rain…” I thought as I sat up in bed on Saturday morning. And to my surprise I found the sun shining through my bedroom window and a forecast of a 20% chance of a scattered shower. Boy, was a happy second shooter. The weather held for the ceremony, providing exceptional lighting and just started to sprinkle as we finished up group shots.

Briarwood Inn Wedding Photography by Rayna McGinnis

I arrived at the Briarwood Inn in Golden a little early and quickly went to work. I wasn’t scheduled to meet Terri Smith, the main photographer for at least a half an hour, so the time was mine to play. I LOVE playing… and play I did. I took pictures of the building, of the guests, of the rings. I scoped out the location, the lighting and the best angles I could find.

It had been quite a while since I was the second shooter, instead of the primary, and I was loving it. Not that I don’t love being the primary shooter, because I do. But being a second is so much less stressful.

This was also the smallest wedding I’d ever photographed, with only twenty people total. It was a nice, relaxed, fun wedding and everyone was so friendly.

I want to thank Laurel and Max for letting me be part of their special day and Terri Smith for inviting me to second with her. It was incredibly fun and I loved every moment of it. I hope you love the photos as much as I do!


Ring shot at the Briarwood Inn

Bride peaking out the door at the Briarwood Inn
Laurel peaking out of her dressing room at her Briarwood Inn Wedding.

Bridesmaid at Briarwood Inn Wedding

Bride and Groom at Briarwood Inn Wedding

Wedding Ceremony at the Briarwood Inn
Briarwood Inn Wedding Ceremony in Golden, Colorado

Briarwood Inn Wedding Ceremony in Golden Colorado


A Toast at a Briarwood Inn Wedding