Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show

The Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show is one of my favorite bridal shows to attend. It’s very intimate and the other vendors are always so friendly. If it isn’t obvious, I’m a total introvert, so being smashed between two tables at a bridal show is not my favorite thing in the world. Nor is loud music and talking to 500 people in one day. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

The Lionsgate Bridal Show is very different than that though. All the vendors are spread out, with room to breath. We see about 100-200 people total, and since the show is four hours, we have plenty of time to chat with the brides and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

I participated in their Fall 2013 show and wanted to participate in the Fall 2014 show but this little thing called getting married got in the way. So I was really excited to be participating this spring. I was in the Gate House this year, which was also a treat since I’ve only photographed weddings on the Dove House side. I’m really looking forward to shooting at the Gate House though! It’s so beautiful, with elegant lighting and I’m in love with the heart wall.

Rayna McGinnis Photography's Table at Liosngate Event Center Bridal Show
My table at the show!


Das Meyer Bakery
Bay Window Catering - Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show
Bay Window Catering
Jane’s Posie Floral Design
Jules-gormet-catering-Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show
Jules Gourmet Catering
The Yellow Truck!
I just love this blue dog!
Petals-from-heaven-wedding-Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show
Petals from Heaven
Origins Catering - Rayna Mcginnis Photography - Denver Caterer
Origins Catering
Lulus bbq - lousville wedding catering Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show
Lulu’s BBQ
The Gate House at Lionsgate
The Gatehouse Ceremony Site
Spring Flowers!
Lionsgate Event Center Bridal Show Images by Rayna McGinnis
The heart wall!