Luke, the Foster Dog, From Life is Better Rescue: Goal #3

Christian and I have been talking about fostering puppies for years. Long before we had Savannah or any idea of how having a dog would effect our lives.

We had actually reached out to a few different rescues a couple days before his rock climbing accident, but obviously the timing didn’t work out. And life has just been happening since then.

But even with that, it’s been something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and I even put it on my 101 Goals List.

This week, I reached out to Life is Better Rescue about fostering some adorable boxer puppies they had. My email came just a little too late, and the puppies had been placed already. The next day, one of the rescue’s volunteers emailed me about fostering some of their older dogs that needed a place to stay. One didn’t play nicely with cats so he wasn’t an option. Another was heart worm positive, and since Savannah was just cleared for play last week, we’re just not in a place to take on that responsibility again.

That gave us the choice between a 1.5 year old boxer and a 9 month old chocolate lab. We decided the chocolate lab would be a good choice, as he’d be playful, but also submissive. Savannah is very dominant, so we thought he might give her a good intro to “fostering”.

So, we went that night (wow, do they move fast) and picked him up. He was pretty good in the car, but you could tell he was nervous.

Luke, the foster dog - by rayna mcginnis photography, Life is Better Rescue

His name is Luke, and he’s a baby doll. He is a great match for Savannah because he loves to play, but he also likes to just lay on the floor and sleep. He’s joined me on a short run already, a few longer walks and I can’t wait to take him hiking this weekend. He’s definitely a great short term addition to our family.

A few things we’ve learned since picking up Luke:

– Not all dogs know sit, stay, down or how to walk on a leash. Nor do they willingly do these things (On the plus, since getting him he has learned sit and how to walk on a leash… most of the time).

– 70 lb puppies, are just that, puppies and they have no real awareness of their body in space (he knocks me over from behind the knees a few times every day).

– Little tabby cats are way more exciting to a dog than big, fat black cats.

– All puppies love kisses.

– Savannah is the best dog. Ever.

What can I say? We are absolutely spoiled. We had a dog dropped into our laps at a very inconvenient time and our love for animals paid off. She has a great temperament, only chews up things when we don’t walk her enough or leave her uncrated and alone, and she gives the best puppy kisses. Also, she’s the perfect size for us, at 45 lbs and… she’s not a puppy.

Not that Luke isn’t a great dog, he is and he’s going to make a family very happy sometime soon. But he’s definitely a puppy. In the mean while, Christian and I have decided to make it our responsibility to make sure he’s ready to go to his forever home. We’re teaching him basic dog manners, like staying out of the garbage, not stealing food off the table and not chewing up my $100 Smartwool pants (RIP Smartwool pants). We’re teaching him sit, down, stay and how to walk on a leash. We’re teaching him that his crate is actually a safe, happy place and that it’s okay to trust people.

I’ll be sad to see the little guy go, but I’m really happy to be in a place where I can help prepare dogs for their future lives. I figure, the better we do, the more likely they are to stay in their new home. That’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also very rewarding.

If you’re interested in Luke, please check out He is awesome! 🙂

Luke, the foster dog by rayna mcginnis, Life is better rescueLuke, from Life is Better Rescue