Rayna 101: Christian’s Birthday Weekend!

Christian’s Birthday weekend was this past weekend. Yep, he’s so special that I dedicate an entire weekend to him. This year, since his birthday fell on a Thursday, he even got an extra day.

I actually had to work at my internship on his birthday, which made me really sad because it was the first time in seven years that I didn’t have his birthday off and I felt like this year, if any, was the year I should. But I think I made up for it (and set the bar pretty high for my birthday in February)!

We spent his actual birthday with our Colorado friends laughing, playing Cards Against Humanity and enjoying good beer/wine. There was also a cheese cat (!!!!).

The rest of the weekend was spent together eating good food (I cooked him grass-fed steak and took him to the Sink) and burning off all of those extra calories by going on some relaxing walks and fun hikes. It was great to spend so much time with him, almost like a mini vacation.

Thanks to all of our friends that came out and helped us celebrate and thanks to Christian for just being awesome!

Christian's birthday weekend included a date night with steak and a friends night with a cheese cat