Rayna 101: Officially Engaged

Okay, to be completely honest, yes, I was already planning a wedding and yes, Christian and I are getting married this October 17th (Yep, just 43 days to go).

But up until a few weeks ago, August 23rd to be exact, Christian hadn’t “officially” asked me to marry him, nor did I have a ring. We just kind of decided to do it and started planning.

I knew he was planning to get me one and I knew it was going to be a black diamond, but I didn’t know which ring or when he’d ask.

So anyways, we went hiking at Mt. Falcon Park for a late evening, sunset hike. We hiked for about an hour before turning around and Christian suggested he take the pack. I was fine with that since the rest was uphill and he’s been trying to carry it more. After about ten minutes he said his back was starting to hurt and asked if I could take some of the weight. Not paying any attention, I was like “Sure, I’ll even take the pack if you want” and he said “no, just this” as he held out a box.

I kind of knew he was going to ask that night because of the way he’d been acting all day, but he still caught me by surprise. I figurd he’d ask at sunset since we were going on a sunset hike. That made sense, right? I immediately took the ring box, pulled out the ring and he had to stop me from putting it on my own finger. He even got down on one knee. I cried like a baby, took some photos and we took our time walking out.

So… I finally got my ring. We’re officially engaged!

And for someone who originally didn’t want a ring, I love it more than words can explain. I’m constantly looking at it, adjusting it, playing with it, and I feel naked when I take it off to shower. He picked the perfect ring and the perfect way to propose. But I guess that’s just one more reason I’m marrying him.

Love you, baby!

beautiful hike to get engaged on

Picture of Rayna's black diamond engagement ring

Portrait of Rayna and Christian after they got engaged

Rayna eating her ring after Christian proposed

Where Christian and Rayna got Engaged