Rayna 101: My 2014 Tick list, Quarterly Update #2

I know, I know – I’m a few weeks behind. But just a few weeks since it’s still July.

The second quarter was a little disappointing this year. Christian ended up taking on a full time, M-F position and so we haven’t been able to travel as much as we normally do. That said, life has been exciting with us adopting Savannah Dog and learning to be weekend warriors again. And I still have some high hopes for the second half of the year.

Here we are, quarterly update #2.


First Quarter

Second Quarter




Get married to the most amazing person in the world  – this is already in the works. Details to come.  – We have a wedding date and a venue: October 17th, 2014 at Narcisi’s Winery.

Volunteer for an organization that helps animals

2014 Ticklist - Savannah, GA

Trees in Savannah Georgia



Find a moose in the wild and photograph it

Book and photograph 15 Weddings in 2014 – 4 more to go! 1 more to go!

Get published in a non wedding blog/magazine – I was published in CoutureColorado Baby on February 24th –http://www.couturecolorado.com/baby/a-cute-pregnancy-announcement/

Put together Colorado postcards and calendar – I’ve been working on this but I’m not finished yet.


Active Lifestyle:

Lead a 5.10 climb outside – this is turning out to be harder than anticipated. With Christian’s job change, we haven’t been climbing as much and my head isn’t where I hoped it would be. I’m still going to try though.

Hike over ten miles in one trip – I’m afraid to go back this far because of my bee allergy. Last year my farthest was 8.7 miles.

Hike at least three new 14ers   – making plans to do these soon!

Go on an overnight backpacking trip and not be eaten by bears

Climb a 12b on top rope without falling

Climb at least one 4 pitch route

Visit at least 3 new climbing areas – We’ve been to one, Potash Road.

New Tick list Item: Take a stand up paddle board lesson

New Tick list Item: Go flat water kayaking



Visit at least one new country – Spain is in the works! Maybe Morocco too. 

Visit at least two new National Parks – Going to the Everglades in January, hoping to get to either Glacier or Yosemite as well! – One down. We made it to the Everglades. We haven’t been to another national park yet, but we did visit two National Monuments – Agate Fossil and Scotts Bluff.

Visit at least 4 new states – We visited GA in May and Nebraska in July. Just two more to go!

Visit one big city I haven’t been to – Savannah, Ga – Check!

Actually make it to Palisades to enjoy the wine – Christian and I went to the Palisades in March 2014 for our seven year anniversary! – Check! 


Stay tuned for my third quarterly update in October! 

2014 Tick List - Scotts Bluff in NebraskaView from the Saddle Trail at Scott’s Bluff.