Rayna 101: Christmas Tree Time, A Healthy Cheese Plate and Superwoman

Some days I feel like superwoman. Like I can take on the world and come out smiling, like nothing can stop me from reaching my goals. Other days… well, not so much. These are the days that I need Christmas tree time.

relaxing over Christmas Tree Time

When I was a kid, we had a heating vent in the corner that blew hot air down from the roof. We always put the Christmas tree right next to it and when I was upset during the holidays, I would curl up in the corner, under the hot air, next to the lit Christmas tree and sulk. And in time, I would emerge as a “new” person.

I don’t sulk much anymore and I don’t have a heating vent that blows hot air at me, but this year, we have a Christmas tree.

We haven’t had one since we moved from Pittsburgh but after the year I’ve had, I decided to get one. We decorated it with red and white bulbs, a few special ones and of course, Christmas lights. I even put a Santa hat on top.

Now, almost every night, Christian and I sit around the tree, he with his brandy and me with my red wine. And we talk. It’s amazing how taking all forms of distraction out of the room, simply by turning off all the lights (except the tree) is so relaxing. It allows us to laugh and talk and really spend time with each other.

So about that healthy cheese plate.  Last night was a rough one. I spent most of the day super excited about a holiday get together I was having with some photographer friends. I bought a new sweater and got ready, only to find out it was going to be cancelled. Christian immediately said to give him a few minutes to finish up work and that we’d go out because he is sweet like that. But then an hour later we still couldn’t agree on where or when and I started thinking that maybe it was me and I should just chill.

All I really wanted to do was curl up by the tree and connect with him. So for dinner, I created a very awesome cheese plate, that only I could make healthy. I added apple slices, dried apricots, dark chocolate and some pretzels with mustard. Oh and let’s not forget the sugar cinnamon pecans. Then for kicks, I made us side salads with mandarin orange slices, cranberries and chicken.  So, let’s see… that’s 3 servings of fruit, 1 1/2 servings of vegetables, 3 servings of cheese, some pretzels and mustard and a serving or dark chocolate. Paired perfectly which a bottle or wine I found on sale for $5 at Apple Jacks (I’m all for cheap red wine as long as it’s dry and still tastes good).

Anyways, I threw this together, forbidding Christian from going to the kitchen until I was done. Then we sat down in front of the Christmas tree and turned my upside down day into a very relaxing, fun night.

And today, I get to be superwoman again.

cheese and wine with Christmas Tree Time

And yes, those are kitty salt and pepper shakers.

kitty salt and pepper shakers

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