Rocky Mountain Bridal Show at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado

Yesterday, Christian and I worked the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show in Denver, Colorado. It was our first bridal show and I was really nervous but I think it went really well. I met a lot of brides who LOVED my wedding photography, learned a few things and had a good time.

I thought I’d share what I learned…

1) Bring food with you to the show! Don’t eat it during the show but eat right before the show. I assumed I could stop at Subway on the way in and was wrong, apparently all the Subways around here don’t open until 9 on Sundays! So I worked the show on 120 calories of greek yogurt and a trans fat filled jimmy dean sausage biscuit that I picked up at the convention center. By 3 pm, my brain and body were fried.

2) Get out from behind your booth! We actually got some dirty looks because at times our booth was so full, we had brides waiting to get in. The dirty looks were coming from people with empty booths who were sitting behind their tables. Get up, look inviting and greet your potential clients! They’ll appreciate it and so will your business!

3) Don’t be pushy. I also saw some vendors yelling across aisles trying to get the attention of brides to be. One of these vendors happened to be directly across from us and they ended up scaring off more people than they talked to. Brides at Bridal Shows are getting pushed and shoved in every direction. Everyone there wants to talk to them, including you. Make a point of being different.

4) Bring hand sanitizer! Man, am I happy that I had some in my purse. When you think about all the hands you’ll be shaking and how many other people’s hands they’ve shaken… Yuck!

5) Go BIG! And I mean Big. My display looked HUGE in my living room, but with the high ceilings and 10×10 booth size, it was tiny! My prints looked huge on my display, wrong again. My sign… tiny. So.. whatever size you’re thinking about getting, go bigger!

I’m sure I learned more than that, but at the moment I’m still recovering. I passed out on the couch last night at 7:30 and slept until 7:30 this morning. I don’t know how successful the show was for me but only time will tell. I feel good about it though!

And for the picture junkies… here are a few snapshots from my phone! Not the best, but it’s all I had!

Rayna Mcginnis Photographys booth at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

Rayna McGinnis Wedding Photography's photobooth at Rocky Mountain Bridal Show


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