Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer – Jen and Dan at Sapphire Point

Jen and Dan are avid sports fans, they even incorporated their love for sports and team rivalries into their vows. They also love new experiences and travel is one of their favorite things to do together. It’s no wonder that they flew in from Chicago to get married in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

They met years ago, when Dan mistakenly thought that Jen was a student at the high school they both taught at. He was explaining to her about how students weren’t allowed to be using the vending machines as she was explaining that she was actually a teacher, and she worked there. They immediately became friends and of course now, husband and wife.

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer - Bride at Sapphire Point
Jen, her bouquet and her super cute bracelet!
Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer - Groom at Sapphire Point
Dan rocking his suit and wild flower boutonniere.
Wedding Ceremony details at Sapphire Point
Wedding ceremony details – you really don’t need much at a location as beautiful as Sapphire Point.

Wedding Ceremony at a Rocky Mountain Wedding at Sapphire PointSmall, intimate wedding at Sapphire Point in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photography
Jen taking in the views of Lake Dillon.

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer - Rayna McGinnis at Sapphire Point

First Kiss at Sapphire Point in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
First kiss!

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photography by Rayna McGinnisSapphire Point Wedding Photography by Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis

Bride and Groom Push Up Contest in Dillon, Colorado
Totally loved that Jen and Dan were up for a push up contest in their wedding attire.

Bride and Groom racing to the top of the hill at Sapphire Point.

It was so fun to be a part of this wedding! Thank you to Jen and Dan for choosing me as your wedding photographer and a special thanks to Tegan Keller for second shooting with me!

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