Savannah’s Graduation : Noble Beast Dog Training, Delightful Dog Class

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know that I am head over heels in love with my Savannah dog (that’s right hubby, MY Savannah dog). She’s cute, lovable, playful, adventurous, super intelligent and she’s all about pushing the limits. In simpler terms, she’s the BEST DOG EVER.

Well, over the last year and a half we’ve taught her a ton of tricks, but really struggled on loose leash walking and keeping her attention. We outwardly blamed her hound nose, but knew it was something we were doing. We read a ton of books, looked at a ton of tutorials and in the end still failed. So, we decided to take a chance and signed her up for the Noble Beast, Delightful Dog Class (click here for more information).

At first I was really nervous about it. We’d had bad training experiences in the past and we weren’t sure we wanted to put Savannah through that again. I called around to a ton of different trainers and every time I mentioned Noble Beast they would tell me how great they were and that they would be a great fit for S Dog.

Well, they were right. Our trainer was Calisse. You’ll see her in the photos below, she’s the chick with the really cool pink hair. She was great and Savannah LOVES her. All of her methods were very positive and loving. In class she’d teach us how to work with our dog, and Savannah was often a challenge, but one that Calisse always figured out. And the training sessions at home were super fun. They’re essentially 10-20 minute play sessions, except your dog walks away knowing something.

Last night was her graduation and we’re so proud of Savannah. She already knew basic commands like sit, down and wait when we started the class, but now she can do those things in public as well (we tested her last weekend at a bike store). But now she also knows touch, watch me, place (heeling position), drop it and LOOSE LEASH WALKING. We’re also working on heel, but that one is going to take some time. Our plan is to get her into Noble Beast’s Devine Dog class after the holidays!

Yay for Savannah!

Noble Beast Dog Training - Delightful Dog Graduation - Savannah Dog
Savannah is ready to go! Bring it!
Noble Beast Dog Training - Delightful Dog Touch Test
Touch! Touch! Touch! She loves touches!

The-Noble-Beast-Delightful-Dog-Class (6)

Noble Beast Dog Training - Delightful Dog downtown location
Waiting for her turn. *yawn*
Noble Beast Dog Training - Come when called test
Showing off her super fast come when called skills.
Noble Beast Dog Training - Delightful Dog certificate
Yay! Officially a graduate!