Self Solemnization Elopement in Colorado | Pros and Cons of a Self Officiated Wedding

Colorado is weird… for many reasons. We have crazy weather, elevations ranging from 3,000 to 14,000, we’re an odd mix of both republicans and democrats, and everyone owns a dog but no one seems to own a leash (half kidding…). We also don’t require a wedding officiant to be present during a wedding.

That’s right, you can totally officiate your wedding yourself (or have a friend do it). It’s called a self solemnization elopement or wedding and it’s totally legal. You’ll also sometimes hear this referred to as a self-uniting ceremony or a self-unification ceremony, but they’re the same thing.

I really love this option for elopements in Colorado. It just makes everything so simple. We hike into the mountains, you exchange vows among the wildlife, and you jump up and down a few times, and we do a quick photo shoot to capture your love and joy. Then we hike back out and you spend the rest of the day doing whatever it is you do best.

Pros of a Self Solemnization Elopement in Colorado

  • It’s quieter and very personal, just you and your partner (and hopefully me as your photographer)
  • Your ceremony is exactly what you want. It can be modern, spiritual, religious, all or none of the above, because it’s everything you make it.
  • It’s cheaper, because you’re not hiring an officiant

Cons of a Self Solemnization Elopement in Colorado

  • There’s no one there to keep the ceremony moving or to tell your love story, so if you need a little direction, a self-unification ceremony might not be for you.
  • Self Uniting ceremonies tend to be non-denominational, so if you want a religious ceremony, you may want to look at other options
  • Costs slightly more, because you are hiring an officiant

If you’re thinking about eloping or getting married in Colorado, and you decide you’d like to self officiate, all you have to do is apply for a marriage license at any county clerk or recorders office in Colorado. You then sign it on your wedding day and mail it in. That’s it, and it’s a legally binding marriage license, legal in all 50 states.

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Pros and Cons of Self Solemnization Elopement in Colorado