Studio Management Software – 101 Goals #84

I am the woman of 101 spreadsheets. The number of Excel documents on my computer is actually quite embarrassing. I have annual ones for taxes, accounting and client lists. I have one for networking with wedding vendors, one for SEO and one with a list of bridal shows in the area. I have one for my 101 goals list, with over a dozen separate tabs to keep track of each goal. I even have one for tracking how many calories I eat verses how many I burn, and I update it every…single…day. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

What can I say? I like organization. Maybe a little too much. So after juggling these spreadsheets for years, I decided as part of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days, that I would start using studio management software. After all, it could only make my life easier and it would allow me to serve my clients better.

At first, it was really hard for me to get used to using just one system, and not 20 spreadsheets, but I’m coming around to it. I especially love that it tells me when I have emails to reply to, when I need to follow up with a client and it automatically sends out forms and questionnaires with due dates, so if I’m out climbing, they’ll still get where they need to go.

I decided to use 17 Hats for my studio management software. There were quite a few factors that went into the decision, but while they’re the newest software, I really liked how responsive they are. They have an entire platform set up for feedback and they’re implementing new features every day. As a photographer, responsiveness is definitely a requirement. I can’t wait what new features they come out with next.

BTW – Christian said this sounds like 17 Hats paid me, so I wanted everyone to know that I am writing this review based on my own experiences and am not affiliated with 17 Hats in anyway.


Studio Management Software, Goal #84