Summer Road Trip 2016 | Wyoming Wedding Photography

It’s crazy to think it’s been two months since we left on our summer road trip, and yet we’re leaving in less than a month for our autumn trip. But yet, here we are, a week out from September.

So let’s go back two months, to June 19th, when Christian, Savannah and I set off for Pittsburgh to visit my family. We had big hopes, big plans that Savannah would learn to swim this year (spoiler alert, she did!), that my niece would arrive while I was there, and to finally check out a place called Laurel Caverns.

Warning, this is going to be a long one…

Dog on a roadtrip
Savannah’s face as we headed east. She knew it was going to be a forever drive
My newest niece, Ellie Grace. Just three days new in this photo.
I arrived just in time for my niece to be born. Here she is, Ellie Grace. Just three days new in this photo.
friends at a winery
I also got to see an old friend, Casey, while we were in town. And watch her drink wine. Ha ha. So worth it.
Dog swimming after toy
Savannah did in fact learn to swim. Her life jacket from Outward Hound was a win.


Dog swimming in life jacket from outward hound
And soon she was swimming all by herself!
Laurel Caverns main tour
Being the good aunt that I am, I took my niece, Briana and my two nephews, Devon and Aidan, to Laurel Caverns.
Laurel Caverns lit up by lights.
I loved the way the walls lit up
Hanging out with Lucky the Golden Retriever
I also got to hang out with my Lucky Dog. I adopted him 13 years ago and he will forever love me for it.
13 year old golden retreiver
He may be getting old, but he’s still handsome.
Small dog inside mini van for road trip
I also promised Sadie that if she was a good dog (she always is) she could check out the inside of our van before we headed back west. She’d make a great van dog.


After spending 6 days in Pittsburgh, we headed back west. We originally planned to head south to West Virginia to climb, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and West Virginia was experiencing massive floods. So instead, we headed for South Dakota, stopping in Madison, Wisconsin (Yay for a new state and a new city!!) on the way.

Madison City parks.
Hiking in one of the Madison City parks.
Madison Wedding Photography hiking in City Park
Some cool things I found in the same city park.
Lake Superior outside of Madison, WI
We hung out by the lake for a while before heading to South Dakota.

After spending the afternoon in Madison, we headed farther west to South Dakota (another new state!!). While in South Dakota, we stopped at Badlands National Park (new national park!) and then headed over to Spearfish Canyon to climb.

Dog sleeping in Toyota Sienna on road trip
Savannah was read to be there. Anywhere at this point.
Dog at Badlands National park
Savannah wasn’t allowed on any of the trails, but luckily Badlands National Park has a ton of pull offs with beautiful views.
South Dakota Wedding Photographer hanging out in Badlands National Park
Me hanging out in Badlands National park
Badlands National Park in South Dakota
The different colors in the hills at Badlands were incredible.
Crow Peak fire in Spearfish South Dakota
When we finally made it to Spearfish we found out that it was on fire. Not the canyon itself but Crow Peak just outside of town
Camping in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota
Out camp site. 🙂
Views in Spearfish Canyon, south Dakota by South Dakota Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
South Dakota was very different than I expected. The black hills were full of beautiful lakes and green!
Rock climbing in Spearfish Canyon, SD
And the climbing was super fun too. Great Limestone!
rock climbing in spearfish canyon, south dakota
Our friend Weston met up with us here for a day, which was pretty cool.
Spearfish Canyon by Spearfish Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
Did I mention how green it was?


South Dakota was amazing, so if anyone needs a South Dakota Wedding Photographer, I’d LOVE to be considered.

After four days in South Dakota, we headed on to Wyoming for the Fourth of July. We elected to stop in Ten Sleep, Wyoming where we were greeted by cows, then climbers and were surprised to find out it was the Ten Sleep Climbers Festival.

Hail in Ten Sleep, Wyoming
As usual, Wyoming welcomed us with a storm. For a while we had to pull over because it was raining so hard. Then we got hail. ha ha.
Wyoming Wedding Photography location at Ten Sleep Trailhead
After three days of climbing at Spearfish we decided to take a “rest day” and hike at the Ten Sleep Trailhead. This…THIS is why I offer Wyoming Wedding Photography. Seriously.
hiking in the Wyoming Mountains
More photos from hiking in Ten Sleep
Campsite at Ten Sleep, Wyoming
We picked out a gorgeous campsite on the Old Road in Ten Sleep
Cows in our campsite in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.
And then we were greeted by a few hundred cows the next morning
Ten Sleep Climbers Festival by Wyoming Wedding Photographer, Rayna McGinnis
We spent our last night at the Ten Sleep Climber’s Festival. It was a great way to end our trip!

And we spent the entire ride home from Ten Sleep talking about our next road trip to Idaho and Oregon. Keep an eye out for that one.

And also, if you’re looking for Wyoming Wedding Photography or Spearfish Wedding Photography, shoot me an email. Many of these locations do not have a travel fee!