Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag Review

I travel all the time and I mean all the time. My goal is to go away at least two weekends of every month, even during wedding season. Sometimes life gets in the way, as it did this past Spring, but most of the time we make it happen.

While I don’t always carry my photography gear, when we’re going to national parks, anywhere with awesome wildlife or to places with amazing landscapes that I haven’t been to before, I take it. And by it, I mean WAYYYYY too much of it.

I’ve also recently started advertising for destination weddings. We just shot one in West Virginia last month and I’m hoping to be shooting all over the US and even internationally very soon. Super exciting, right?

Well, in order to safely carry my gear, I decided I needed something more than a pile of random bags thrown in the back of my car. And with our upcoming trips to Costa Rica, Belize and Switzerland, having something that fits international carryon restrictions seemed like a really good idea.

So I splurged. I picked up the Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera bag. Do I love it? Yes. Does it do everything? No… I still have to get my own wine. But it’s pretty awesome. You can check it out on Thinktank’s site by clicking here!

Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera bag (1)
Outside and inside view of the Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera bag. Cat fur included for free.

I haven’t taken the bag on a flight yet, but I can tell you it’s rolling capabilities and the amount of gear I can fit into it will definitely make flying with my gear that much more enjoyable.

I can easily fit three bodies without lenses, a 70-200, 4 flashes, 5 prime lenses, a video light, tons of extra batteries and memories cards and my cleaning kit. If I leave my 70-200 at home, which I often do, I can also fit my shoot sac and rain shell inside. And even with all of that in there, my 15 inch ThinkPad fits into the front sleeve hassle free. If you ask me, that’s pretty epic.

I also love that the bag is very stable. I can’t tell you how many times my rolling bag that I take for clothes randomly falls over, or even worse, out of the back of our car. Yea… I think I’d cry if that happened to my gear.

Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Bag

This bag is also super convenient. Prior to this, I kept all of my gear on a shelf in my photography closet. Yes, I have one of those. And now that I have my Airport Takeoff bag, I just keep all of my gear in it, on a shelf in my photography closet. I feel it’s just as safe and organized there as it was before and then it’s exactly where I need it when it’s time to go.

I’ve been taking it to weddings with me, on climbing trips and I took it when I went back to Pittsburgh to visit family this summer. It makes taking my photography gear with me so easy that I don’t even think twice. I just take it.

To be honest, the only thing I haven’t liked so far is the way that the tripods attach to the outside of the Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera bag. I can’t seem to get the straps tight enough and my tripod just falls out. But to be 100% honest, I’ve only tried it twice and so I very well could be doing something wrong, but if so, it’s not that intuitive.

Overall, love the bag. And while it’s the most expensive camera bag I own, it’s worth every penny. If you’re thinking of picking it up, I highly recommend it. And if you do, let me know what you think of it!

Oh yes, one more thing. Picking up a rolling camera bag was one of my 101 goals in 1001 days. #88 to be exact!

Thinktank Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera bag inside view
Storage compartments of the Thinktank Airport TakeOff bag.

You can check out the Thinktank site by clicking here!