Vendor Spotlight: Denver Wedding Floral Design, Holly Kerr of Love Letters Floral Design

Holly from Love Letters Floral Design is one of my all time favorite vendors, and not just because she’s always up for meeting me for happy hour. She’s super relaxed, a great listener and she’s really fun to be around. She’s also creative and great at improvising when necessary.

I ran into her last winter at the Wedding Wars 2 Bridal Show. She just stopped by my booth and left me her card. I checked out her work and loved it, so I invited her to be part of my snow inspired styled shoot a few months later. We knew the floral design for this particular shoot would be difficult, because we wanted the flowers to scream winter, have pine cones in them and not look like Christmas. Yea… Holly nailed it.

So, let’s talk a little bit more about Holly and Love Letters Floral Design.

Baby pine cone bouquet and boutonniere by Holly of Love Letters Floral Design
Wedding bouquet by Love Letters Floral Design


About Love Letters Floral Design

How did you come up with “Love Letters Floral Design”?

I decided upon the name “Love Letters Floral Design” in a moment of clarity after many months of analysis, introspection, and brainstorming. My original business name had been “Designs Abloom”, which was a good name, but after using it for a while I realized it wasn’t memorable. While I don’t think the name of the business is as important as other things, such as quality of work, customer service, etc., I still wanted the business name to be something that would resonate with people. I was browsing online one day trying to get some inspiration when I saw the words “love letters” and I thought to myself, “That’s it!” Love Letters is not only easy to say and to remember, but when you think of giving or getting a love letter from someone, there is a warm and magical feeling that is created. Weddings are incredibly special events built around two people in love who are committing themselves to one another. I think “Love Letters” embodies all the wonderful and positive feelings that weddings and love foster.

How long have you been in business?

I officially started my business in January of 2011.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to have my own floral design business since I was 16. I remember having to write a business plan for a class project in high school when I first came to this realization. My business was going to be half flower shop and half coffee shop, so I could meet with clients over a nice warm cup of coffee. I had been working with flowers since elementary school and in high school I had created a mini business of selling boutonnieres and corsages to my fellow classmates for school dances, but I envisioned someday having my own shop. While that is still a goal of mine, working from home allows me the flexibility to meet with clients at coffee shops in any part of town, making it very convenient for the customer.

What is your role in the business?

I am the Owner and Lead Designer of Love Letters Floral Design. My wonderful boyfriend, who is an engineer by profession, has helped with so many of my weddings that I dubbed him “Floral Assistant.”

What makes your floral design unique?

I specialize in floral arrangements just for weddings. I meet with clients in person and create one-of-a-kind arrangements specifically designed for their special day. No two weddings I do are ever the same.

What do you love MOST about working in the wedding business?

Gosh – I love so many things about working in the wedding industry! I get to meet wonderful brides and grooms, design beautiful arrangements with gorgeous flowers, see tons of venues from the behind-the-scenes point of view, and marvel over the all beautiful wedding pictures after the fact. Plus, I am forever part of someone’s wedding. It is an honor to be part of such a special event.

Who is your IDEAL client?

I love working with all kinds of people, each one with a unique vision of what they want their wedding to be, as it keeps this line of work so interesting. In general, though, I love working with clients who are upbeat, flexible, and open to exploring different design concepts. The opportunity to be creative is another element that makes floral design so much fun!

If you could give one piece of advice to couples who are shopping for wedding flowers, what would it be?

Be open to different floral design concepts! While it makes it very straightforward to want an exact replica of something you saw on Pinterest or of your friend’s bridal bouquet at her wedding last year, these designs might not be the best for the overall look of your wedding. Being flexible and open to other ideas makes the design process fun for both the client and the florist, and will allow for a truly customized look for your wedding.

Anything up and coming that we should know about?

You will be seeing a lot more blog posts on the Love Letters Floral Design blog. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year and I will be working with some clients who are having some gorgeous weddings. I am so excited to create all of these beautiful floral arrangements! I can’t wait to share the beautiful pictures with everyone!

wedding bouquet by Love Letters Floral Design

About Holly

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending quality time with my boyfriend, catching up with friends, taking a Bikram yoga class, trying out new recipes for dinner, getting more miles on the road bike that I got last year, and going to the mountains when I can to snowboard, snowshoe, or hike.

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is jump out of a perfectly good airplane. In college I was part of MadCity Skydivers and I completed a total of four jumps, two tandem jumps and two solo jumps. It was a blast!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have always wanted to go to Alaska. My step-dad is Native Alaskan and grew up on Kodiak Island. Seeing pictures of Alaska is breathtaking. I imagine it is more incredible in real life. Also on my bucket list is to visit and work as a volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

Beautiful Flower Crown by Love Letters Floral Design in Colorado
Beautiful head crown designed by Love Letters Floral Design

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