White Sands National Monument | New Mexico Elopement Photographer

You’re never going to believe this, but I… uh… love to travel. Crazy, right? I know, it’s unbelievable. Also, I’m feeling extra sarcastic today, so I’m just going to go with it.

In February 2007, Christian and I met up for our first date. We’d actually known each other for a few years, strictly online thanks to hotornot.com (it’s changed over the years, I swear), but didn’t actually meet in person until then. We hit it off, obviously, and immediately started going rock climbing and traveling almost every weekend. This was very exciting for me, a small town girl who had always dreamed of traveling, but who had not yet realized that making opportunities for yourself is more fruitful than waiting on them to appear. Anyways, I immediately loved it and have become what I like to call a travel addict over the years. I crave it, love it and do it often.

Well, February 2017 marked our 10 year dating anniversary. HOLY CRAP, where did the time go? Over the last decade we’ve visited dozens of states, national parks, cities and climbing areas. Hundreds of new locations together. But there was one location that has been on our list for most of that decade, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Christian’s mom lived in New Mexico when we first met, and when we’d visit her we always talked about taking the drive down, but never did. When we lived in Pueblo, we talked about how it was only 8 hours away, but we always opted for climbing instead. But for our ten year anniversary, we jumped in the adventure van with Savannah dog (because White Sands is one of the few National Monuments that allow dogs!!!) and we made the journey south. It was AMAZING.

We explored all of the pull offs and even hiked the five mile Alkali Flats Trail (Savannah’s favorite part, of course). I took so many photos, and just tried to bask in all the beauty.

And now that I’ve finally been there, I can’t wait to go back. But what I’d really love is to shoot a White Sands National Monument Elopement there. The possibilities would be endless!  So if you’re an adventurous couple, planning a New Mexico Elopement, shoot me a message because I’d love to hike way out onto the sand dunes with you and document your epic elopement.


New Mexico Elopement
Isn’t this spot gorgeous? It would be the perfect spot for a New Mexico Elopement!
New Mexico Elopement Photographer
Christian taking Savannah for a short walk on the dunes!
New Mexico Elopement Photographer and Husband
All smiles! It was about 65 degrees and sunny, but there was a cool breeze that made it quite enjoyable!
New Mexico Elopement at White Sands
I really loved the combination of the white sand and mountains!
New Mexico Elopement at White Sands National Monument
I let Christian and Savannah run ahead so I could take a few shots of them!
New Mexico Elopement Photographer and Family at White Sands
Family photo on the Alkali Flats Trail!
White Sands Elopement
Another great spot for a White Sands National Monument Elopement! And check out the wind blown texture!
White Sands Elopement Photographer
I loved how the sand dunes cliffed out!
White Sands Elopement Photographer walking with dog in New Mexico
Savannah and I enjoying the vast New Mexico desert!
White Sands National Monument
As we got closer to sunset, the texture in the sand really started to show!
White Sands National Monument at Sunset
The sun setting at White Sands National Monument