Yoga Boudoir Session – Goal #49

I truly believe that as photographers we need to spend more time in front of the camera. We get comfortable hiding behind it and then we forgot what it feels like to be on the other side. But not me, I’m constantly throwing myself in front of the camera. This year alone I’ve modeled four times for other photographers.

Normally I do it because it sounds fun and the photographer needs someone to help out. But for this particular session, I did it for me. Julia, an amazing Colorado Photographer, and I swapped sessions this past summer. She did an awesome Standup Paddleboard Yoga Session and I did this Yoga Boudoir session.

I’ve wanted to do a Yoga Boudoir session for a while now. In fact, it’s even on my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list. But I’ve been struggling with my health for the last two years and before that, I struggled with my weight and thyroid disease. So I was just never ready. But after almost a decade of hard work, and finally being able to do a headstand, I felt like the time was right. This session was to celebrate the long journey I’ve been on. To document my success and hard work. To have something to remind me that I am in control and I can do this.

A special thanks to Julia for capturing me half naked on top of Flagstaff Mountain.

Yoga Boudoir Session - Denver Colorado (1)
Reverse Warrior and a modified headstand at Lost Gulch Overlook. Ignore my tattoo. I often forget it’s even there…
Yoga Boudoir Session by J.Mo Studios on top of Flagstaff Mountain
Yoga Boudoir Session by J.Mo Studios on top of Flagstaff Mountain