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Engagement Sessions are currently all the rage. If you’re wedding planning right now, and you probably are if you’re reading this, then you already know that. Whether you’re on Pinterest, Facebook or just looking through a wedding magazine, they’re EVERYWHERE.

But to be completely honest, engagement sessions aren’t for everyone. Yep, I said it. There are dozens of reasons why you may or may not want an engagement session and sometimes an engagement session just isn’t for you.

That said, for this post, I’m going to concentrate on reasons why you might want an engagement session. So if you’re debating whether to add an engagement session on to your wedding package, read on…

Denver Engagement Pictures by Rayna McGinnis
Chelsie and Mike’s engagement session at Lone hawk Farm.

You might want an engagement session if…

You plan to do personalized Save the Dates or Invitations

Most couples who send out personalized save the date cards like to use professional photos for their guests. Professional engagement photos make for better keepsakes and you can also do a session with a prop that includes your date. Or your dog. Or both (please?).

You want to do a signing album or canvas at your wedding

Photo signing items are really fun, personal and a great way to commemorate your wedding day. For a keepsake like this, I highly recommend using high quality, full resolution images. And sure, your phone does have a 16 MP sensor for photos, but in phones, the sensor isn’t the limitation. The glass and file compression is. So while your phone photos look great online and in 4x6s, they aren’t going to print well on a 16×20 canvas.

You want to hang photos in your home

In my experience, couples are much more likely to print their engagement sessions to hang in their home than their wedding photos. It’s not that they don’t LOVE their wedding photos, they do, but they’d rather hang up a photo of them in their every day clothes, hanging out with their dogs. And based on how much I love my dog, and the number of photos of her hanging in the house, I kind of understand why.

Denver Engagement Pictures at Lookout Mountain
Deziree, Brad and Tibs at Lookout Mountain.

You want to do a “trial run” with your photographer

While I truly believe you should trust your photographer from the get go (I mean, you’re investing a lot in their ability, so you better, right?), sometimes it’s nice to do a trial run. You do a trial hair and make up session and a rehearsal before walking down the aisle, why not do a trial for the part of your wedding day that you’ll have to treasure for the rest of your life? It lets you get to know your photographer better and become more comfortable with them, it lets them get use to your best angles and how you play together. It’s a win, win.

You’re kind of awkward in front of the camera

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you are, then YES, do an engagement session. It’ll get you more comfortable with having a camera on you, it’ll let you get use to the posing and cues that your photographer uses in a slower setting (because your wedding day will most likely be crazy), and it’ll give you the opportunity to give your photographer feedback on your images.

Have any questions? What do you think? Are you planning to add an engagement session on to your package?

Denver Engagement Pictures at Sapphire Point
Sapphire Point Engagement with Merrisa and Tyler

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